Quebec Ontario Canada Speed Limiter Law

Hand-Held Data Viewer and ExtractorTruckers Beware… Now that the new speed limiter law for Ontario and Quebec Canada has been put into effect  the new speed limit for trucks is 105kph (65mph). Truck drivers entering these provinces will be subject to having their ECM speed data scrutinized by public officials with hand held devices.  If violations are found, the drivers will have to pay fines and have the violations corrected before they are allowed to continue thier trip. According to regulations, fines of $250. to $20,000. may be charged.

Ontario Checking ECM Settings

Recent Reports 9/10/09 indicate that Ontario is checking ECM data. The hand-held data extractor is plugged in under the dash of the vehicle via dataport to the ECM and then data is downloaded into the device.  Into the scale house with the data and plugin to the laptop or desktop computer where speed governor settings are analyzed.

Drivers say they were checking everyone at Putnam, Ontario. One Canadian trucker said his data port revealed a 135KPH speed governor setting which got him a $400 ticket. When the ticket is paid the trip can be continued. They will not be so generous on repeat offenders and fines can increase to $20,000.

Suggestion: If you are a cross-border driver from the US driving into Ontario or Quebec and you need a solution to this problem. Follow the instructions Below.

Step 1. Get your truck programmed at 65mph or below, including the cruise control parameter. Leave RPM settings wide open at 2100rpm or whatever your engine’s maximum rated rpm is.

Step2. Get a SafetyPass Pro device that over-rides the road speed governor and allows maximum rated rpm in top gear. It does this without passwords and without changing programming parameters so your truck is always legal in Ontario and Quebec.

Step 3. When in the states, turn on the device to keep up with traffic for the safest driving environment. Speed is then controlled with the throttle pedal and the speed governor is muted.

There’s no limit to how long you can use the device so you can maintain higher speeds indefinately if needed. Whenever the device is turned off or removed the vehicle returns to normal operation complete with road speed governor functional at programmed settings.


3 thoughts on “Quebec Ontario Canada Speed Limiter Law

  1. I have a question. I would like to know if when the unit is turned off will the truck go only to the speed that the company has the E.C.M. and will the speedometer and tackometer work?????? I will have to hide this behind the dash because other drivers will use my truck now and then and I do not want them to see this!!! Will I have to calabrate it every time or just turn it on every time???

    Thank you Dick


  2. There is always somewhere, someone, someplace trying to figure out how to break the LAW. From what I have seen, there is not much fight regarding this new Law. Lots of complaining.
    If you do not agree with a law, fight it, within the proper channels
    Imagine the trouble that a truck driver would be in when and if he/she has a catastrophic incident. Check the fines out…$200 to $20000 HTA 68(1)(8). Will it be worth it??? By slowing down you save on fuel(10% for every 10 k over 95), tires (27%), wear and tear. Try to get intouch with a good O/O who’s wife can inform you about the numbers and money that could be saved…should I mention the lives that could be saved, if you can put a dollar sign on a live. I am not asking you to Shut up and sit down. Just do it, within the means of the Law.


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