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Truck Drivers First Safe Driving Rule from FasterTruck

Look down your path of future travel far into the night or day. Let nothing important escape your attention.
Look for stopped or slow moving traffic in the distance…

Truck Drivers First Safe Driving Rule | FasterTruck.

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Billionaire Truck Driver Lindsay Fox –

Billionaire Truck Driver Lindsay Fox –

via Billionaire Truck Driver Lindsay Fox –

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Teamsters Canada say Speed Limiter Law is Profit Driven

Teamsters Canada 125,000 Strong

Teamsters Canada 125,000 Strong

Look for Trucker Solution at the bottom of this post. 

The Teamsters Union represents 125,000 members in Canada in all trades. The International Brotherhood of Teamsters, with which Teamsters Canada is affiliated, has 1.4 million members in North America.

Robert (Bud) McAulay, National Freight and Tank Haul Director for Teamsters Canada and a former transport driver himself for over 25 years stated that this new law is all about saving fuel costs for trucking companies, not safety. “I applaud the efforts made to reduce greenhouse gas emissions,” he says, “but other considerations need to be made on environmental issues that don’t affect highway safety for motorists. How do you expect to have a safe highway when the Ministry of Transportation is allowing two different speed limits? It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out what the result of trucks being regulated at 105 kph and cars traveling at 120 kph and higher will create; a lot of angry tailgating

Hard enforcement begins July 1, 2009 Fines: $250. Ontario, $350. for Quebec

Hard enforcement begins July 1, 2009 Fines: $250. Ontario, $350. for Quebec

motorists waiting for their chance to pass, which will result in aggressive driving not to mention the increase in lane changes. With three lanes of traffic all heading in the same direction and trucks occupying the right two lanes, if a truck wishes to overtake a slower vehicle, it will cause motorists to all head for the third lane, which will result in aggressive lane changes. And if a tractor trailer is faced with a critical situation and needs to straighten the rig out to prevent a jack-knife by accelerating, it will be very difficult to do this safely at a maximum speed of 105 kph,” he stated. Read More

How to stay alive at 105 if you’re a Trucker? Answer: Get a SafetyPass Pro. A small, descreet, electronic device that Protects speed data privacy. Makes trucks go faster. Is 100% Undetectable by hand held or laptop ecm data extractors and report viewers. Plus a lot of other benefits too secret to mention here. I have personally used one for over 7 years. I got one when they first came out and I use everyday so I know that this device is exactly perfect for this GOOFY Speed Limiter situation. It is as near to a perfect solution that you are going to find.

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Quebec Ontario Canada Speed Limiter Law

Hand-Held Data Viewer and ExtractorTruckers Beware… Now that the new speed limiter law for Ontario and Quebec Canada has been put into effect  the new speed limit for trucks is 105kph (65mph). Truck drivers entering these provinces will be subject to having their ECM speed data scrutinized by public officials with hand held devices.  If violations are found, the drivers will have to pay fines and have the violations corrected before they are allowed to continue thier trip. According to regulations, fines of $250. to $20,000. may be charged.

Ontario Checking ECM Settings

Recent Reports 9/10/09 indicate that Ontario is checking ECM data. The hand-held data extractor is plugged in under the dash of the vehicle via dataport to the ECM and then data is downloaded into the device.  Into the scale house with the data and plugin to the laptop or desktop computer where speed governor settings are analyzed.

Drivers say they were checking everyone at Putnam, Ontario. One Canadian trucker said his data port revealed a 135KPH speed governor setting which got him a $400 ticket. When the ticket is paid the trip can be continued. They will not be so generous on repeat offenders and fines can increase to $20,000.

Suggestion: If you are a cross-border driver from the US driving into Ontario or Quebec and you need a solution to this problem. Follow the instructions Below.

Step 1. Get your truck programmed at 65mph or below, including the cruise control parameter. Leave RPM settings wide open at 2100rpm or whatever your engine’s maximum rated rpm is.

Step2. Get a SafetyPass Pro device that over-rides the road speed governor and allows maximum rated rpm in top gear. It does this without passwords and without changing programming parameters so your truck is always legal in Ontario and Quebec.

Step 3. When in the states, turn on the device to keep up with traffic for the safest driving environment. Speed is then controlled with the throttle pedal and the speed governor is muted.

There’s no limit to how long you can use the device so you can maintain higher speeds indefinately if needed. Whenever the device is turned off or removed the vehicle returns to normal operation complete with road speed governor functional at programmed settings.

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FasterTruck – Increase speed governor – Big-Rig Trucks

What is the SafetyPass Pro?

Kenworth Truck on Freeway

Kenworth pulling a 53′ reefer

The SafetyPass PRO is an electronic device truck drivers use to control their speed. Currently, truck speed is limited by an onboard computer or, Engine Control Module (ECM).

Trucking Companies that have large fleets of big rig trucks install speed governors to control costs. Speed governors limit the maximum, top speed of the vehicle in order to maximize fuel savings and expand company earnings. If these speed limiters are set too low they can become Dangerous.

The SafetyPass Pro allows drivers to over-ride the computer settings and increase speed beyond the computer limitation to increase safety and control when passing slower vehicles on two lane highways.

The SafetyPass Pro from is also used to reduce road-rage situations by allowing drivers to pass more quickly and then get out of way of faster traffic on the freeway. This is a benefit that truck and car drivers appreciate. Smoother traffic flow instead of congested freeways.

There’s nothing worse than getting stuck behind a truck driver while he or she (there are a lot of women truck drivers) is trying to pass another truck on the freeway and both of their truck speed governors are set at very nearly the same top speed.

It can take as long as ten minutes to complete a pass. So you have two 40 ton big-rigs traveling beside each other at freeway speeds for an extended period of time.

Meanwhile, faster traffic is stacking up behind the two trucks creating a dangerous close proximity between vehicles.

The truck driver desperately tries to complete the pass as a Powder Keg of Road Rage is developing behind them.

The truck driver knows a potential Road Rage situation is brewing but they are Helpless because the speed governor is un-yielding and will not provide even 1 mph more… A faster truck would be welcome here because this is a very uncomfortable situation for everyone on the highway.

The captured traffic to the rear doesn’t understand that the truck’s speed limit has been reduced by a computerized road speed governor and the truck driver is powerless to go any faster.

The passing truck driver just has to hold their foot to the floor, take the abuse, and hope for the best.

The SafetyPass PRO is great for Freeway driving, but when it’s used for passing on 2-lane hiway, that’s where it really shines.

Passing time, that is the time you would spend in the oncoming traffic lane, can be reduced by 80% when employing the device. The increase in safety is dramatic.

With the SafetyPass PRO installed, one touch of a button is all it takes to make these potentially dangerous situations disappear instantly. The truck driver can pass quickly and clear the passing lane for faster traffic and everybody’s happy!

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Real-Time Road Conditions Weather Reports

DOT Road Reports from the “Horses Mouth”. Some of these sites have live cams.

If you run over Donner Pass, you can see the chain controls real time, plus there is a live cam at the Truckee California scales, so you can see if they’re open or not and look for snow on the ground.

Single Tire Chains

Single Tire Chains

When you have to chain-up: “MINIMUM Chains” means 2 sets of single chains, Put one set on your primary drive axle, outside tires. The “Primary” drive axle is always the rear axle of a 3 axle tractor. The second set of chains go on your trailer axles, staggered. One chain on the front, left, outside tire and one on the right rear, outside tire. Always hook the inside of the chains first and then tighten chains from the outside, and make sure they’re tight or you’ll  lose them on the highway or the will beat up your fenders. Run for a mile or two, then re-tighten and you should be good to go.

“Maximum Chains”

In addition to above, you need a set of double chains or “three railers”. These chains cover a set of duels and they are heavy. I usually like to put these on the rear axle of the tractor if possible. But if I’m already wearing singles, you can put them on the front DRIVE axle as well it’s just a little harder because of the narrow space between the tires.Duel Tire Chains - "Three Railers"

Always Remember to keep your chains tight. The tighter they are, the FASTER you can run… I could hit 60 or 70mph if the chains fit good and were tighter than your bosses wallet. Have fun playing in the snow.

Duel Tire Chains – “Three Railers”

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SafetyPass Pro Drivers Perspective

The SafetyPass Pro comes in handy here
The SafetyPass Pro comes in handy here

Here’s a testimonial I found from the fastertruck website. It really says it all when it comes to driver feelings about speed governors in trucks that are set too low. All traffic should travel at the same speed, that’s the safest way to do your job and protect others on the hiway.

Thanks for a great product that works and is well made. It saves me between one and two hours per day by just staying close to the speed limit.

When a company turns down a truck so low that you dread going to work, its time to find a new line of work or do something about it. I have more than twenty five years driving experience with over three million miles and no accidents. After turning down the truck, my close calls more than doubled.

Turning down a truck looks good on paper, but it creates more problems than it solves. For any drivers still thinking about getting a safetypass pro. It works very well, and the time you save it will pay for itself in a week. The stress and aggravation you save is priceless. – U.S.A.”

Remove Speed Limiters and Mask All Speed Data with the SafetyPass Pro for Big Rigs, 18wheelers, Road Trains and other Big Trucks.

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