SafetyPass Pro Drivers Perspective

The SafetyPass Pro comes in handy here

The SafetyPass Pro comes in handy hereHere’s a testimonial I found from the fastertruck website. It really says it all when it comes to driver feelings about speed governors in trucks that are set too low. All traffic should travel at the same speed, that’s the safest way to do your job and protect others on the hiway.

Thanks for a great product that works and is well made. It saves me between one and two hours per day by just staying close to the speed limit.

When a company turns down a truck so low that you dread going to work, its time to find a new line of work or do something about it. I have more than twenty five years driving experience with over three million miles and no accidents. After turning down the truck, my close calls more than doubled.

Turning down a truck looks good on paper, but it creates more problems than it solves. For any drivers still thinking about getting a safetypass pro. It works very well, and the time you save it will pay for itself in a week. The stress and aggravation you save is priceless. – U.S.A.”

Remove Speed Limiters and Mask All Speed Data with the SafetyPass Pro for Big Rigs, 18wheelers, Road Trains and other Big Trucks.